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What Is TMJ Disorder?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, is a condition affecting the function of the jaw joints and muscles. While it is difficult to pinpoint the root cause of this disorder, many times symptoms are related to issues with the joint itself or occlusal problems that lead to teeth grinding and clenching. A dislocated, damaged TM joint or excessive strain on the area and facial muscles can cause the chronic, painful symptoms of TMJ disorder, including jaw pain, clicking or popping, headaches and migraines, earaches, and tinnitus. Thankfully, TMJ treatment is generally relatively simple, involving custom mouthguards and, more recently, Invisalign® to restore harmony to the teeth, bite, and joints. At Dental Care Solutions, our experienced team treats TMJ conditions with these solutions and can help you find relief from your jaw pain and headaches with personalized care.

Personalized TMJ Treatment

TMJ pain can be improperly diagnosed and treated if the root cause of the problem is not found. We are trained in TMJ treatment and use techniques and technology that help us pinpoint the issue as accurately as possible. From our diagnosis, we can find the best treatment solution with mouthguards or Invisalign. By seeking care from our experienced team, we can help you overcome:

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Finding Relief with Invisalign

Many times, TMJ disorders can be attributed to malocclusion, the term used when teeth are crooked and therefore do not align with each other properly when your bite is closed. This improper positioning often resulting in clenching and grinding not only overstresses the muscles in the jaw but can harm the joints. Invisalign, by moving teeth into their proper position, aligns them both side to side and top to bottom. With a centered and even bite, the joints and muscles are free to rest and function in their own proper positions. This greatly reduces both teeth grinding and clenching and pain associated with malfunctioning joints and muscles. Many patients at Dental Care Solutions have found relief with custom Invisalign to treat TMJ disorder symptoms. This solution may work for you, too—contact us to learn more.

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