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Braces without the Metal

The greatest appeal Invisalign® has for our patients is their discreetness. With virtually invisible aligners taking the place of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL is the perfect way to straighten your teeth—with comfort and confidence. Invisalign invisible braces are removable, allowing you to continue eating your favorite foods and maintain your normal oral hygiene habits. 

Using leading orthodontic technology, including the iTero® intraoral scanner, we can provide treatment that is both personalized and precise. With this digital scanner, we can take highly detailed images of your teeth to provide custom aligners and even show you a time-lapse of your treatment process! 

As you replace your clear aligners every two weeks, Invisalign slowly straightens your teeth while you continue to enjoy an active and social lifestyle. If this sounds ideal to you, we invite you to contact our certified Invisalign dentist today for your consultation.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Better Smiles for Life

Straight teeth are certainly attractive, but did you know that having straight teeth also improves your oral health? Crooked teeth are difficult to brush and floss, increasing the risk for food debris to accumulate and cause bacterial plaque to form. Even with routine dental appointments, the dangers of decay and disease are present. 

Straightening teeth in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL not only boosts your self-confidence but can help you improve your oral health as well as your dental function. Our Invisalign-certified dentist has helped many of our patients experience a better quality of life thanks to these clear aligners!

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How Invisalign Works

TMJ Dental Care Solutions

Treating TMJ with Orthodontics

Sometimes, our dentist uses invisible aligners for more than cosmetic dentistry purposes. One of the major reasons patients suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL is due to misaligned teeth. An “off” bite can overstress the muscles and joints in the jaw, leading to chronic jaw pain, headaches, jaw popping and clicking, and even lockjaw in severe cases. 

Using Invisalign invisible braces, we can straighten teeth, consequently improving how they fit together and allowing the jaw joints and muscles to work properly and harmoniously with the bite. Often, treating TMJ with Invisalign greatly reduces or even resolves symptoms! 

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